The ALFI Foundation is an altruistic, non-partisan, charitable foundation designed specifically to aid the development of under privileged individuals and communities by investing in indigenous projects and empowering social mobility.

The ALFI philosophy is to help those who can in-turn help others as their situation improves. The foundation believes in inspiring and investing in the human spirit and the tenacity of those that are determined to force positive change for theirs and future generations accordingly.

The development of the youth of today lies at the very epicentre of the ALFI Foundation's mandate. Focusing predominantly on educational and social investment, it is the organisation's belief that by equipping today's youth with the best educational and practical support, we enable social development and the possibility of future prosperity.

The ALFI Foundation has no specific criteria in terms of what the foundation may or may not invest in; instead there is an expansive, almost entrepreneurial feel to the operation. ALFI considers projects and initiatives that we believe are positive, possible and pragmatic. This multi-faceted approach is reminiscent of the attitude and personal philosophy of Alshair Fiyaz, patron of the ALFI Foundation.

The ALFI Foundation has been operational since 2006.

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Mr. Fiyaz has taken the initiative to make a difference in the lives of people who are suffering in regions destroyed by earthquakes. Specifically in the AZAD Kashmir area in Pakistan, under the guidance of ERRA of Pakistan and Lord Nazir Ahmad.

Under the guidance of ERRA he managed to distribute 16,000 corrugated sheets on an emergency basis to provide temporary winter shelter to 1,600 families in the area of Bagh, Poonch Ravalkot and Muzaffarabad district of Azad Kashmir.

His aim is to provide short term emergency accommodation as well as long term planning for permanent multiple housing for families who are still living in camps and temporary accommodation.


Education and employment have been a standing issue for Palestinian Refugee Camps in Beirut. The objectives of the charity is to concentrate resources to general education but also more specifically computer science. To create job opportunities, outsourcing for oversea's business will be priority, this can be achieved through call centres.

In hope of creating opportunities within the deprived community and steer away from a consistant problem of extremism in the region and work towards and constructive society.

Under a pilot project, we managed to open a Computer training centre in Burj-El-Brajenah in Beirut which caters for children of 14 and under and also adult courses for those willing to acquire basic knowledge of computers to improve day to day life.

Upon success of the this pilot project we are planning to open 10 more centres in the near future not just for the Palestinian's but also the Lebanese too.


Since the fall of the Soviet Union, its former satellite countries have been struggling with basic necessities for its people and there has been little help from the international community. Rabbi Jacobs at Central Synagogue in London has been working with the Pinsk (Belarus) orphanage for quite some time and the first element, the girls' boarding school has been operational there for many years. All the funds were raised for the boys' school and community centre and construction is underway, however the situation is difficult and further funding and continued support is paramount.

The school is run by a Rabbi and his wife from Birmingham who have been in Pinsk for almost 10 years. The school has already enjoyed real success with graduates attending university abroad, among other things.


In India there are many single parent families struggling with life because of little or no income which in turn resorts to parents sending their children to work instead of sending them to schools. The charity is providing them with regular financial assistance to avoid these scenarios. At the moment there are 10 families under this scheme and we plan to increase this number to 30. Currently these families are situated mainly in Annan-Halwa and Burj-El-Barajenah camps.

The charity have taken an interest in youth unemployment in society, by helping to buy them tools for professional work such as builders, hairdressing, car mechanics and to become cab drivers. The charity is planning to organize private tuition for students, regardless of their ability, to enable them to perform better in their lives to achieve what they want to achieve.

The motive and objective behind this sprit is to "help those who can help other when they become strong". As a foundation we believe it is our responsibility to create awareness with the young generation, so that they can value the educational opportunities they have and be aware that not everyone is so privileged. Through awareness we feel the charity is contributing to help create a more compassionate and caring society.